After A-Levels, whats next…?

A-Level Education, whats next...?

With the exam season over for most students, there’s a ring of Alice Cooper’s “Schools out for summer” in my ears. But on a serious note, what is the next step after A-Levels? Well there are various routes you can take as a student and the desired direction you are planning for your future.

Depending on where your plans are for your future development will depend on the next step for life after A-Level exams. If you not planning to go straight into the workplace or a working vocation and you are planning to carry on with further education and possibly university, then it is a good time to plan your next move.

Although you will want to have a well earned rest over the summer months, try to get the wheels in motion and make plans and enquiries for your future progression after receiving those all important A-Level exam results. The “Clearing Process” normally takes place around beginning of August, so it gives you an ideal opportunity to see what your next step is, once you receive your exam results.

Check with your local college or with the “Exams Results Helpline” as they can help with any advice or assistance with queries relating to taking the next step. Ideally you should have short listed and applied for a range of universities or further education colleges and courses that you would like for that next step. If you have a hiccup and have an exam result or two that will need improving, you can either apply to re-take the exams again soon, or apply for a different University or College based on the exam results you have achieved, there are plenty of options.

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Useful Tips for Studying for Exams

With the exam season approaching fast this year, we have all experienced times when studying for our exams has not been easy or straightforward.

There are some fundamental things to try to incorporate to improve the studying technique for exams. Here are some key points, make sure you organise and prioritise your study & revision time, and implement better time management as it is one of the major factors in the process of studying. Here is a useful video with some helpful points to consider and remember when studying for exams.

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Revision Tips

For many millions of students across the UK the Easter holidays signals the beginning of exam season and starts with exam and revision timetables being drawn up

To help you with your revision Northampton College have listed some handy revision tips

1. Make sure your revision area has everything you need such as food and drink so you don’t have to keep getting up and stopping your revision.

2. Always think positively. Decide what you want to achieve in the first ten minutes of your revision and concentrate on achieving this goal. After ten minutes of revision you can reward yourself with a ten minute break. Stick to this rule, and gradually increase the time you spend revising and reduce the length of your breaks.

3. During your revision break it is best to leave your work area completely. During this break you should relax and give your brain a rest, when you resume your revising keep all distractions away from your work area, by having things such as the TV turned off.

4. Be prepared and organise your revision timetable alongside your exam timetable.

5. Cover several subject areas during your revision sessions beginning with the subjects you least enjoy so you don’t end up skipping them altogether.

6. Answer questions from previous exam papers.

7. The night before the exam check to make sure you have all the equipment you will need and check what will be supplied to you by the School or College

8. Check your exam timetable to make sure you don’t have two exams at the same time!

9. Do not cram in revision the night before.

10. In the exam room stay focus on what you need to do. Try taking some sugary sweets to help boost your energy during the exam.

11. Read all the instructions and every question very carefully and allocate time depending on the mark given to each question. For example if one question carries 20 marks and another has 10 marks, you should allocate twice as long to the 20 mark question than the 10 mark question.

12. If you are running out of time do not panic, you can still be given points by writing notes on how you would have answered the question.

13. Once the exam is over, do not worry, there is nothing more you can do. Now is the time to look towards the next exam and remember - keep positive!

To everyone revising for A levels in Northampton and everywhere else in the country, all the very best of luck!