The Supernatural and Film

Since the late 1800s when the first depiction of supernatural events appeared on our screens, there has been a demand and fascination for films to elicit emotion ranging from fear, horror and terror from the viewers. Regardless of anyone’s true beliefs outside of film they know that when they get to watch a psychological thriller there’s almost certainly going to be a Professional Psychic, a ghost or a troubled spirit, and a Psychic Medium Reading that occurs.

Take ‘The Gift’, a supernatural thriller which sees the main character, a Fortune Teller; get involved with a murder mystery after seeing visions of a missing girl killed. Her involvement and input leads to the killer and untangles a web of lies and deceit. Throughout the film you see the torment and frustration she experiences trying to unravel her visions into order and clarity. She is also faced with mixed attitudes within her community, with some members requesting personal fortune readings whilst others shout abuse and call her a ‘witch’.

In the hit film the ‘Sixth Sense’ you see a tormented child, Cole, troubled that he sees dead people, with an equally tormented child psychologist trying to help him. The line ‘I see dead people’ which is spoken by Cole to the psychologist has become as famous as the film itself, and I am sure that anyone who has seen the film can still remember the chill they got when it transpires that the psychologist is actually dead himself. Brrr.

I have named but two in a long line of supernatural, psychological horror films that prove that to this day the paranormal is still as fascinating and popular as it has ever been.