More Tarot Card meanings.

A few days ago I wrote about some of the more commonly known Tarot Cards and what they mean when a Tarot Reading takes place. Whilst researching the subject I got quite enthralled and decided to read some more.

The Chariot: When this card appears it’s a warning sign that we may be being pulled to pieces by forces we cannot control or understand. The card evokes questions on the paths we take and the journey we are on.

The Tower/Fire: This card is considered an ill omen, directly following the Devil in its order. It can mean failure, ruin, catastrophe or the paradigms constructed by the ego.

Wheel of Fortune: The most common interpretation to this card is the introduction to an element of change in your life. It could imply either good or bad change for example the poor becoming rich or the rich becoming poor.

The Emperor: This card symbolizes the top of the secular hierarchy. He is the ultimate male ego and rules the world. It symbolizes the desire to rule over ones surrounding. When the Emperor is appears in the spread it is generally a sign that something is needed to be overcome.

The Hermit: There are two common ways this card is interpreted in Tarot Readings. The first is the need to withdraw from the world and be comfortable in your own company. The second is to come out from isolation and share with other knowledge learned.

There are still more Tarot Cards to be interpreted so watch this space.