Nannies as essential as “water and air” says mum of two

A mother of two has admitted to relying on four nannies to look after her two kids.

Employing nannies and specialist household staff to help look after children is something many parents depend on, ensuring that their children have the care and attention that they so dearly need.

One mum who couldn’t agree more and fully appreciates the virtues of such services is Natalia Nikulina (37), who has said that the four nannies she employs to look after her two children are as essential to her as “water and air”.

Four nannies

Hiring four nannies herself, Natalia has all her bases covered. First there is the weekday nanny who collects Natalia’s two and three-year-old sons from day care, takes them off to the playground for a few hours of fun, cooks them dinner at home, and then puts them to bed, according to the New York Post.

Next come the weekend nannies, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Her children’s nannies will at times be on duty for up to 12 hours a day, and just to make sure there are no nanny related emergencies, there is always a fourth nanny on call.

Natalia works full-time as a clinical social worker and is married to a full-time city employee.

“I love my children,” Natalia says, “but I’m not embarrassed to say the nannies are not just to provide child care when I’m at work - they provide mental rest for me [when I am at home] as well.

“I don’t see any way around it - [otherwise] I lose my mind, and then I can’t work. [Having extra help is] a must - water, air and nannies.”

But Natalia makes sure to note that when the nannies are working she isn’t just relaxing with her feet up:

“When I’m with the nanny, I’m never relaxing - if the nanny is with the kids, I’m cleaning up.”

We can’t all be in Natalia’s position of affording four nannies to help take care of our children, but those that do employ household help will understand just how essential the service can be.

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Windsor Castle house staff move away from tradition

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But a recent article from The Telegraph has outlined changes which the household staff of Windsor Castle, often used by the Queen to host State Visits, wish to implement in the near future.

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How to polish your shoes and have them shining

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Three Top Tips to perfectly iron a shirt


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Reasons to work abroad

Working in the household sector can take you all over the world, whether you choose a position in another country or are able to travel with the family you are positioned with. From other destinations in Europe to locations on the opposite side of the globe, if you know where to look there are many opportunities to be had.

So, if you are qualified or well-practiced in the household sector, get in touch with a domestic staff agency and see where your career can take you today. Here are a few reasons why working abroad can benefit you.

Add to your life experiences

Not only will you be able to see new places, but you will also be able to experience a range of cultures during your employment in another country. You will get to know the local customs and traditions of your chosen location, which will show that you are able to adapt to a different environment, while also allowing you to travel.

Expand your skill set

Working in another country will most likely provide you with further skills that you would not have the chance to improve on in the UK. This will also look fantastic on your CV, as it shows that you are willing to relocate and will often help you stand out from other candidates. You may also be able to learn a language, or at least pick up basic vocabulary that may be useful in the future.

Added benefits

Many of the positions available in other countries are often provided with accommodation within the household. This means that many of your costs will be covered by your employer, leaving you with more disposable income, which can be used to make the most of exploring your new location or saving for when you return home.

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How a butler can benefit your home

Do you live in a household that could benefit from hiring a butler from a domestic staff agency? It may not have been something that has crossed your mind before, but having an employee to help run your home can be very beneficial.

Supervising domestic staff

If you already have employees working in your home, such as chefs, housekeepers and cooks, a butler can be left in charge to manage them. This will ensure the smooth running of your household, while giving your employees someone to report to, should anything need addressing.

General housekeeping practices

The majority of butlers will possess general housekeeping skills, which may include the care of antiques, looking after houseplants and flowers, and table setting. These will all come in handy and will help ease the pressure on the housekeepers, should they find themselves particularly busy.

Stock control and inventories

A butler can be in charge of purchasing the necessary items needed for running your household, ensuring that there is the appropriate food and products in the home. This may also include keeping an eye on finances and ensuring that unnecessary purchases are avoided.

Arrange dinner parties

If as part of your occupation you are required to host functions, or if you regularly entertain friends, having a butler will ensure that they are catered for to the highest standard. They can be greeted upon arrival and asked if they require any assistance, as well as being shown to their lift home at the end of an evening.

Organise trips

A butler will also be able to book flights, hotels and theatre tickets if necessary, meaning that you can forget about the small details. This may be particularly helpful for those who work away from home or have busy careers that leave little time for this type of task.

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