Focus on Digital Skills IT Subjects for Students

Learn “Digital Skills” leading to a better career future

With unemployment currently at a high in the UK for the under 25’s and school leavers, getting on the right courses and having the right education is vital for the future. Many in education, employment arena as well as the political sector feel that the way forward is to focus more emphasis on I.T (Information Technology) training and digital skills in the main.

As many feel that the I.T jobs relating to the internet and general IT skills as growth area for students and school leavers alike. With more company’s increasing the way they do business in the UK now via the Internet, there has never been such a good time to gain the much needed skills and training in the I.T and Digital vocational areas.

According to the “CBI” (UK’s top business lobbying organisation) known to many as the voice for UK business, as they feel it will only become more & more important as the UK moves much closer to the high-skilled jobs market, and the CBI feel that opportunities for those without the right qualifications will fall sharply. As I.T and Digital skills in particular now vital for education and employment: we know that you’re 25% more likely to get work when you have web skills, and, once in that job, you’ll earn 10% more.

Even the biggest public sector union Unison, which has conducted a national skills survey from over 1.25 million of its members, found that almost half of middle-aged, low-paid women (in non-office jobs or jobs with minimal IT requirements) highlighted that lack of digital knowhow, skills and training was their most serious skills gap. Other surprising figures shows that nearly 4 million of around the 8.6 million adults in the UK have never used the internet are from our hardest-to-reach groups or more deprived areas on low income base.

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Graduation numbers on the Increase worldwide

Back in the old days a nation might have had its power measured by the amount of oil or coal that it was producing and exporting around the world, these days this may as well be measured by the pure amount of graduate students a country releases each year.

In recent years the amount of people taking up college and university places has increased at a growing rate around the world.  It is estimated that the top 34 developed countries in the world have seen their rates of graduation almost double since 1990.

One of the countries that have seen the largest upward spiral has been China; back in the late 90’s only about one million students had taken up residence in university or college.  China has now grown within just one decade and is now the largest university provider in the world with recent reports showing 34.4 million graduates released and seeking gainful employment in the past four years alone.

This expansion and growth in recent years within the education industry has been called the fastest expansion in human history by the president of Yale University.

Something that is also linked to the growth of graduates is university globalisation, this refers to universities who not only openly recruit students from other countries but also offer anything from partnerships to the teaching of foreign languages both in their buildings and online.

An example of this could be Chinese students taking degrees in other countries such as Finland that are taught in English. One such country that is making the most of this and pushing for overseas applications is Qatar; it has a purpose build education city that hosts seven different universities all accepting overseas students with plans to expand further.

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Things to Think About When Starting College or Uni

Thousands of students are gearing up to start further Education in Northampton and in towns and cities across the UK. When starting college or university for the first time there are a few things to think about.


Before heading off for college or university make sure your finances are all under control, this could prove crucial. You don’t want to be running out of money to pay for the essentials such as accommodation, food, utility bills and university equipment such as books etc and you don’t want to be missing out on nights out because you can’t afford to go.

If you don’t have one already look at opening up a bank account. Many high street banks offer special student accounts but it’s a good idea to shop around to make sure you get the most suitable account for you.

Find out when any student loans or financial help will be paid to you to help you budget, also find out when your bills will be due, this way you won’t be caught out.

Insurance and TV Licence

In case of the worse insure your belongings so you will be able to easily replace them.

If you are going to be watching TV in your student accommodation don’t forget a TV license, if you are caught with out one you could face huge fines. To find out more about TV licensing visit


Check out your accommodation before you go if possible and find out if your rent covers any utility bills. If you are sharing with other people try to organise how the bills and costs will be split.

Look for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and find out when they were last checked.

Make sure all windows and doors have good locks on them as some insurance companies will not pay out if you don’t have adequate locks.


Find the out the bus timetable so you don’t turn up to class late. If you have a car, enquire about parking.


Before you start your course check to see if there is any preliminary reading required and make sure this is completed before term begins.

Household Items

Depending on the type of accommodation you are staying in you will need to bring along some household items with you. This could range from laptops to pots and pans. Plan what you will need to bring with you well in advance of going so you don’t end up forgetting anything.

Guide to Full-Time Learning at Northampton College

It’s just a matter of months before thousands will be enrolling in one of the many full time courses in Northampton College.  Here they provide a great video that shows you what you can expect from your college experience. The video is also useful for those who are taking their GCSEs and are deciding on their future in further education.