Your Education, Your Future… Carpe Diem…!

Education is the most empowering experience in anyone’s life.

The work you do now as a student whilst studying and gaining an education, will ultimately stand you in good stead for the future, in whatever chosen path you decide to venture onto. Whilst giving you a better understanding of life, past and present and the world in which we live in.

An education will add extra knowledge for your everyday life, give you valued skills for future opportunities, but also give you a better standing for decisions and progress of any career path or further education route that you might choose.

So, as the phrase from a Latin poem goes…. “Carpe Diem!” or as it translates “Seize the Day”!

Try to absorb as much knowledge as you can while you are still in education and take advantage of all or any opportunities to learn from or be involved in. As there are always many different things available for young people and especially for youthful students, if you want to do something about your future, start today!

So, if you want Training in Northampton as a student and you are looking for a Northampton education to advance your education for future entry into university and take the next step for your career future at you local college.

Carpe Diem…!

After A-Levels, whats next…?

A-Level Education, whats next...?

With the exam season over for most students, there’s a ring of Alice Cooper’s “Schools out for summer” in my ears. But on a serious note, what is the next step after A-Levels? Well there are various routes you can take as a student and the desired direction you are planning for your future.

Depending on where your plans are for your future development will depend on the next step for life after A-Level exams. If you not planning to go straight into the workplace or a working vocation and you are planning to carry on with further education and possibly university, then it is a good time to plan your next move.

Although you will want to have a well earned rest over the summer months, try to get the wheels in motion and make plans and enquiries for your future progression after receiving those all important A-Level exam results. The “Clearing Process” normally takes place around beginning of August, so it gives you an ideal opportunity to see what your next step is, once you receive your exam results.

Check with your local college or with the “Exams Results Helpline” as they can help with any advice or assistance with queries relating to taking the next step. Ideally you should have short listed and applied for a range of universities or further education colleges and courses that you would like for that next step. If you have a hiccup and have an exam result or two that will need improving, you can either apply to re-take the exams again soon, or apply for a different University or College based on the exam results you have achieved, there are plenty of options.

If you are an A level Northampton student and you are looking for a Northampton education to advance your educational future for entry into university and take the next step for your career future path, get in touch with your local college today!