Visions of the Future

Although there are many different techniques talented Psychics and Clairvoyants use to look into the future, it doesn’t mean that future visions cannot occur to those with latent psychic powers. In fact there are two common psychic abilities that can occur in anyone with latent psychic power; these are known as Precognition and Premonition.

These abilities tend to be naturally occurring, in that in the untrained can experience them without needing any ability to manifest them, and provided glimpses into the future. Although the two powers are closely linked there is a fundamental difference between them.

Precognition more or less exists as dream visions, allowing you to visit the possible futures while sleeping. Although these visions can fade quickly once you wake up they can still leave deep impressions or feelings about future events, almost a sense of ‘knowing’ that something is about to happen.

Premonitions are often described as ‘gut feelings’ and give a sense of anxiety or potential of an up coming event. These are often described as waking visions and are often fairly short term, in that they predict events about to happen rather than events further off into the future.

As with any visions of the future much of the interpreting skill comes from experience. Getting access to a talented Psychic Medium can help you de-construct a dream and unlock its deeper meanings. Precognition and Premonition are powerful abilities for those with experience and can unlock a whole world of possibilities.

Psychic Chicken to become a TV Star!

When it comes to extraordinary animals you may have heard of Paul the Octopus and his Psychic Readings. Paul was amazingly able to predict the winners of all seven matches of the German Football team during their world cup adventure.

Now it has emerged that a Chicken from county Kildare in Ireland has shown the same use of precognition as his eight legged predecessor.  Rocky the Irish psychic chicken successfully predicted the winners of the entire all-Ireland championships and even the senior football semi final cup winner.

Rocky’s owner answered an Irish radio stations competition to find an animal with paranormal skills and since then he hasn’t been out of the limelight.

The Chicken owned by Elaine and Paul McDonald chooses his results by picking one of three seed filled saucers labelled win, lose and draw. As he has chosen against his local side of Kildare to lose their games Rocky is thought to be unbiased in his predictions.  Elaine was quoted as saying ‘I have never wanted him to be wrong before but it has upset some of the locals with his latest prediction!”.

Elaine and Paul have said they knew there was always something very exceptional about Rocky and from an early age he would often sit on their shoulders when they were on their computer and try to press the keys. It is said that Rocky unlike most other chickens is very well mannered and has become a household pet to the owner’s children Ella and Hanna.

Rocky has become such a celebrity in Ireland that he has been offered his first television part on an Irish children’s programme. The TV show called Elevate will feature Rocky each week and is set to make the psychic chicken a household name. He has been compared to Jedward as he is currently sporting a spiky fringe and a lot of attitude

Children’s television isn’t going to be the end of the road for Rocky as he has also been in talks with the Irish Television station RTE to make an appearance at the All Ireland finals. It is thought that Rocky will be sticking to his predictions and not branching out into Tarot Readings just yet!

Predict the 2010 World Cup Winners

If you want to know who is going to win the 2010 World Cup and, furthermore, make some money out of it then perhaps you should start smoking a vulture’s brain. I kid you not. Apparently smoking a vulture’s brain will bring you a vision of the future and help you manage a Psychic Clairvoyant Reading. The brains of the vulture are dried and then rolled into cigarettes which are smoked or alternatively inhaled as vapours.

Many are saying this age old tradition will greatly reduce numbers of vultures in parts of South Africa during this World Cup as many will attempt to become Psychic and predict the winners of the World Cup, not least so they can put a sizeable bet on to make a decent return.

The theory behind a Vultures brain being able to provide clairvoyant powers comes from the knowledge that they have acute vision and a strong ability to find prey. This, coupled with people thinking the birds have foresight is expected to cause the population of vultures to decrease around the World Cup. There are already about 1, 000 killed each year in Tanzania alone and with the heightened possibility of winning big from predicting the winning team, people are bound to give it a whirl.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa is urging people to think twice before they risk endangering the species. If you want a sounder, more reliable prediction then it would be worth contacting a professional Psychic with experience.