The Telepathic Ability of Animals

Being a psychic isn’t the exclusive purview of humans. There are many instances where animals have demonstrated a remarkable amount of psychic ability. Who could forget Paul the Octopus during the 2010 world cup, who managed to maintain a 100% accuracy streak throughout the tournament before dying shortly afterwards? What about the numerous people (of which you may be one) who “just know” when something is wrong with their pets, or know almost instinctively when they want to be let out or fed?

All this is possible because, just like humans, some animals can develop a psychic ability. We can’t know for sure how many animals are gifted with clairvoyant powers like Paul’s as we have no way to accurately communicate with many of these creatures, but we can sense the telepathy that many animals are able to emanate as if it was coming from a human with the same powers. This is because thoughts, feelings and emotions are a universal language. It is not language that we communicate to each other through telepathy but concepts.

Of course, a pet is never going to be able to give you a tarot reading and is more likely to consider a crystal ball a fun toy, but if you are one of the lucky owners who does have a pet with a supernatural gift, especially one like telepathy, you may find yourself much happier in your relationship with them.

The psychic ability of animals is something that some humans can become tuned to as well. Whereas telepathy is a one-way street with most pets, a psychic with the necessary skills can send messages back, allowing us to communicate properly with animals.

More News on the Psychic Octopus

A while ago we blogged about Paul, the octopus from Germany who successfully predicted the results of each and every football game Germany played in the World Cup, South Africa. Due to his amazing talents he was tipped as a Psychic and was making headlines across the world.

To successfully predict each game, Paul the Psychic was given two containers. Both of which had food in, one displayed the German flag, and the other displayed the opposing countries flag. It turned out that whichever container Paul would choose, would be the team that went onto win the game. It also appeared that the longer Paul took to make his decision; a correlation was made to the closeness of the game. A quick decision meant an easy win for the succeeding team; a long decision meant a close match was had.

The octopus Psychic Medium has generated much attention and it appears that even the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin has called on Paul’s services to predict who will win Russians 2012 Presidential Election. He has gone as far as to say ‘If Paul the Octopus can name the next president of Russia we’ll give him a pension and make sure he doesn’t get eaten,” Putin said.

Just how Paul the Psychic Octopus got to be discovered for his abilities is not known, all that matters now is that because of his talent and his worldwide acclaim, he may lead a long and prosperous life without ending up on a dinner plate. All he needs to do is successfully predict who will be the next Russian president!