Psychic Chicken to become a TV Star!

When it comes to extraordinary animals you may have heard of Paul the Octopus and his Psychic Readings. Paul was amazingly able to predict the winners of all seven matches of the German Football team during their world cup adventure.

Now it has emerged that a Chicken from county Kildare in Ireland has shown the same use of precognition as his eight legged predecessor.  Rocky the Irish psychic chicken successfully predicted the winners of the entire all-Ireland championships and even the senior football semi final cup winner.

Rocky’s owner answered an Irish radio stations competition to find an animal with paranormal skills and since then he hasn’t been out of the limelight.

The Chicken owned by Elaine and Paul McDonald chooses his results by picking one of three seed filled saucers labelled win, lose and draw. As he has chosen against his local side of Kildare to lose their games Rocky is thought to be unbiased in his predictions.  Elaine was quoted as saying ‘I have never wanted him to be wrong before but it has upset some of the locals with his latest prediction!”.

Elaine and Paul have said they knew there was always something very exceptional about Rocky and from an early age he would often sit on their shoulders when they were on their computer and try to press the keys. It is said that Rocky unlike most other chickens is very well mannered and has become a household pet to the owner’s children Ella and Hanna.

Rocky has become such a celebrity in Ireland that he has been offered his first television part on an Irish children’s programme. The TV show called Elevate will feature Rocky each week and is set to make the psychic chicken a household name. He has been compared to Jedward as he is currently sporting a spiky fringe and a lot of attitude

Children’s television isn’t going to be the end of the road for Rocky as he has also been in talks with the Irish Television station RTE to make an appearance at the All Ireland finals. It is thought that Rocky will be sticking to his predictions and not branching out into Tarot Readings just yet!

The Difference between a Medium and a Psychic

Should you be considering getting some spiritual advice it is very important to understand exactly what services a medium or a psychic offers.  It has become confusing for people to differentiate due to the many new terms created by people involved in this fascinating field.

A very basic explanation of the difference between a medium and a psychic is that mediums can contact and communicate with the spirits of the dead and a psychic uses mental forces such as telepathy to give their readings. As you can see the two are very different and it will be in your best interest to familiarise yourself with them.

The word medium translates to vessel, meaning that mediums can communicate and contact spirits. When you visit a medium they will use a variety of different methods to contact the spirit world including channelling, trance channelling and light mediumship. These different methods let the medium use different states of consciousness to conduct their communication. Most mediums are psychics but not the other way around so many offer Psychic medium readings.

A psychic is someone who can sense things that can not be sensed through ordinary perception.  It is said that psychics have a sixth sense that helps them in their practices. A psychic can use their gift to sense auras using many different techniques such as clairvoyance, tarot cards and palmistry. Clairvoyance is the ability to see images inside of a persons mind; tarot cards use the psychic’s intuition to make predictions and palmistry is the art of Palm reading.

An important thing to remember is that a psychic can only sense on a material level and not though spirits like mediums do. So you should now be able to understand the methods and services that Psychic mediums provide.

Important questions to ask a psychic

If you have never been to a psychic before it can be quite daunting to know what to ask.  If you prepare yourself then you can get the best out of your visit and in turn be more understanding of the outcome. When receiving a Tarot Reading for the first time some people will become nervous and freeze which is why it is important to prepare yourself.

The questions below are just guides and of course can be used or adapted to use during your Psychic Reading.

Relationship Questions

What will my future hold for my current relationship?

My relationship has recently ended; do you have any guidance on this?

I am interested in someone, what does the future hold for me in connection to them?

What are my strong and weak points and how will they affect my relationships?

Career questions

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What does the future hold for me in my intended career?

I have some issues in my current career how will I overcome them?

I have recently changed my career path, have I made the right decision?

Finance related

Will my financial situation differ in the future?
My financial situation is very bad at the moment, will things improve?

I am about to commit to a very large financial agreement, am I correct in doing so?

My financial situation is very good, will this continue?

Health Questions

I am in very good health and would like to know if this will continue?

I am currently very unwell and wonder if this will change in the future?

General Questions

What is my purpose in life?

What do other people think of me?

My life feels muddled, how can I change it?

The benefits of a psychic reading

Sometimes, we can all feel a little lost. Events in our life can take a turn for the worst and we may find ourselves wondering that illusive question ‘What is life all about?’ The answer to this is non definitive as it will vary greatly from one person to another. Whilst one person may be destined for a complete change in their life, whether that’s relocating, changing of careers or falling in love another may just need a little push in the right direction, one which they are already stumbling along but need some affirmation.

Many people turn to their loved ones in moments of despair looking for them to give them the big, defining answers they are looking for but this is not always the best avenue to take. Your loved ones can be too subjective and they will not necessarily put their neck out and tell you the answer due to the feelings they have for you. Also, what is the answer? What ability do they have knowing what your future holds?

This is where seeking out a reliable Psychic Reading from a professional can help you. They have unique, innate abilities that they have honed and perfected over the years and if anyone will achieve an insight into what you need to do in the near or distant future it could be a Psychic. It is often a good idea to visit the Psychic regularly to keep a check on what your future is looking like and what decisions you should be making. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours, it’s your life and you can create your own destiny, to a degree. The Psychic is a good guide to have at your side though.

Consider Harnessing Psychic Power? Why not?

Ok, for all you sceptics out there, just stop and listen for a moment. Before you shake your heads, tut, roll your eyes and say what a load of old phoney, I dare you to rid your mind of all your preconceived ideas of what a Psychic is and let yourself explore, just for a while, the possibility that the powers they have could help you.

I challenge anyone who denies that at one point in their life they have experienced Déjà Vu, felt the unyielding power of fate or had some kind of premonition. If I hear resounding No’s crying from afar, you haven’t rid your mind and you need to start again, please. Even the most ardent anti – spiritualist will have experienced that weird feeling you get from knowing ‘that’ was going to happen, the phone was going to ring, she was going to appear.

Occurrences and experiences that beyond any other reasonable explanation happen just at the time you know it will. Science, I am sure, will conjure some justification. But, that sense you have, that feeling you get must surely be part of a greater spiritual world that maybe, just maybe, cannot be explained.

Take all those incidents you experience, quadruple and then times by a hundred and that is getting close to the power of what a Psychic experiences. People blessed with these powers practice harnessing their talent to a point that they are then ready to share with others. Psychic Readings can assist anyone, but especially those that are feeling slightly bemused by their world, are at a crossroads and needs some guidance. Dare I say, these Psychics could actually benefit even the most cynical of you who, despite what you may think, are not void of feeling any of those things?