The Difference Between Clairvoyants and Mediums

It is important to understand the differences between the different types of psychics that exist and how what they can do affects the ways in which they can help you. Of course, many individuals are able to use a number of different skills, allowing you to find one psychic that can provide you with all the different abilities you need.

However, this post will point out the differences between two major strands of psychic ability, that of psychic readings and psychic mediums. Hopefully, this will make you aware that the differences between the two are fairly simple and easy to understand and get to grips with.

First, we will address psychic readings, the result of a clairvoyant looking to the future and discovering what lies there. This is an inherent ability of this psychic, and they can do it all on their own with no external influences or help. It is part of their mind that is able to peer forwards in time and let them gain seemingly impossible knowledge.

Psychic mediums, on the other hand, have the ability to communicate with spiritual beings, be they the spirits of those who have left us and passed beyond the veil, or representations of the energy and forces that work within our own hold, or even guardian angels. They can ask these beings questions and receive answers, which allows them to discover things that are hidden to the mortal world. They can not peer into the future or discover the unknowable themselves, but they have access to those who can.

That should clear that up for you, and help you to make a decision as to what abilities you are looking for in a psychic.

Tips on Contacting Your Spirit Guides

Contacting a spirit guide for the first time can be tricky when you don’t know how. Even some Mediums have trouble performing this act as it requires total concentration to achieve. The following are a set of basics to aid you in making contact beyond the veil.

First and most importantly you need a completely distraction free environment, so find a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be distracted. Once settled make sure you’re comfortable and relax, take deep breaths and feel the tension flowing from your body.

The next stage follows a little while after entering this state of deep relaxation or meditation, you need to summon your protective aura. Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of positive energy, some find it easier to manifest this positive energy by thinking of it as a blinding white light, once this is in place you’ll repel any negative energy around you while you’re meditating.

After this is done it’s time to prepare to seek out your spirit guide. For this you need to concentrate your awareness into the area in the middle of your forehead as a psychic focus, this area is known as your third eye. This space is the area in which you may receive images from your guide.

Finally you just need to make the connection to your guide; you just need to ask your guide to make themselves known to you so that you can meet. This may take some time as any distractions will mean you’re not focused enough to contact the manifestation of your guide.

If your guide does manifest then you should either be able to see them or, if not, at least feel their presence in the room, this is when you can start to ask questions and converse with them.

A good test of if you’re speaking to your guide or not is to just ask it a question, if the answer it returns seems wise and caring then chances are it’s from your guide, if the message received doesn’t seem very inspiring chances are its just one of your own stray thoughts.

Again, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t contact your spirit guide, chances are your psychic abilities might not be strong enough and a Psychic Medium may be needed to make contact for you.

Psychic Readings – What You Need To Know

Each and every day people go to psychics, whether it’s for the first time or the fiftieth, to get help with some aspect of their life. It may be that they are looking for advice about some event that is coming up, or one that has already passed. They might be looking for guidance in their work, finances, relationships or personal life, or they might want to get in touch with the spirit of somebody close to them who has recently passed. There are numerous reasons that people will seek the help of a psychic.

If you decide that you would like to get your own clairvoyant readings then you need to know a few basic facts before you settle on a reader. The first is that you need to feel comfortable around and trust your psychic. If you don’t feel relaxed and at ease then your psychic will not be able to give you the accurate readings you deserve.

Secondly, you need to know what it is you want from the reading, whether you would like advice, guidance or want the psychic to identify a problem or issue of emotional stress for you using their telepathic skills. If you have a good idea of what it is you’re looking for then you can help your psychic help you as they will know what area of the powers you will be calling upon and in which direction they should cast the gaze of their third eye.

These are the only two essential pieces of information and everything else can vary from psychic to psychic, so you may find it better to ask individual psychics about any further questions you have.

How the Media Represents Psychics

Films, television and books have been giving characters psychic powers for over a century now, and the trend seems to show no sign of diminishing. From fortune tellers at fairs giving out warnings to characters, to characters shown as possessing incredible telekinetic power, capable of lifting large, heavy objects over great distances, psychics have been showing up in our media again and again, and occupying many different roles.

But how accurate is this representation of psychics? Obviously, we aren’t treated to regular displays of incredible telekinetic strength in our day to day lives as cars are thrown around, walls torn apart and people levitate themselves through the sky, but what about other aspects? What about the ability to see the future, for instance?

Foresight is certainly a powerful ability, and one that is represented in a variety of ways. Sometimes a character gets crystal clear visions of the future; other, more realistic visions occur in strange, cryptic or jumbled messages that the person has to decipher themselves. This latter approach is very similar to the skills that psychics use to interpret dreams or a tarot reading.

Telepathy is another skill that is shown in strange ways, often interpreted as a voice or images. In reality, telepathic communication is an exchange of concepts and thoughts that can’t be accurately transferred to a written or visual medium, so they’re just working with what they’ve got.

So, the representation of powers is off in many situations, but what about the people themselves? The most realistic appearances are of fortune tellers at fairs, rather than super-powered heroes or villains, but even these can be too reliant on cliché and stereotypes, and a professional psychic is much more likely to make you feel comfortable in your surroundings before giving you a reading.

What a Professional Tarot Card Reading Offers

You may know somebody in your own life who has become interested in Tarot Readings to the degree that they have bought a deck of Tarot cards and begun learning about how to draw from the deck, what different cards and combinations of cards can mean and from there begun to give psychic readings to their friends and family.

If this has happened to you, chances are that their readings were either too vague to be clear, contradictory or simply wrong. There is a reason behind this which has nothing to do with an inadequacy on the part of the Tarot cards. It takes years and years for a person to become completely competent in making Tarot Readings, and many of the best and most accurate will have started from a very young age.

The trick to Tarot Reading is using the cards as a guide, not as an absolute message. Experienced Tarot Readers know that the cards offer a framework, but that they must apply their own psychic ability to both the cards and the querent if they wish to get an accurate picture of what the future holds. If a person does not have any experience interpreting the cards and adding to the story they tell then the reading will not be useful. If a person is not able to harness their own latent psychic ability to help them understand what the cards are telling them then the reading will not be useful either.

If you want an accurate Tarot Card Reading then it’s important you visit a Professional Psychic so you can be assured of their experience and abilities.

Consider Harnessing Psychic Power? Why not?

Ok, for all you sceptics out there, just stop and listen for a moment. Before you shake your heads, tut, roll your eyes and say what a load of old phoney, I dare you to rid your mind of all your preconceived ideas of what a Psychic is and let yourself explore, just for a while, the possibility that the powers they have could help you.

I challenge anyone who denies that at one point in their life they have experienced Déjà Vu, felt the unyielding power of fate or had some kind of premonition. If I hear resounding No’s crying from afar, you haven’t rid your mind and you need to start again, please. Even the most ardent anti – spiritualist will have experienced that weird feeling you get from knowing ‘that’ was going to happen, the phone was going to ring, she was going to appear.

Occurrences and experiences that beyond any other reasonable explanation happen just at the time you know it will. Science, I am sure, will conjure some justification. But, that sense you have, that feeling you get must surely be part of a greater spiritual world that maybe, just maybe, cannot be explained.

Take all those incidents you experience, quadruple and then times by a hundred and that is getting close to the power of what a Psychic experiences. People blessed with these powers practice harnessing their talent to a point that they are then ready to share with others. Psychic Readings can assist anyone, but especially those that are feeling slightly bemused by their world, are at a crossroads and needs some guidance. Dare I say, these Psychics could actually benefit even the most cynical of you who, despite what you may think, are not void of feeling any of those things?

The Supernatural and Film

Since the late 1800s when the first depiction of supernatural events appeared on our screens, there has been a demand and fascination for films to elicit emotion ranging from fear, horror and terror from the viewers. Regardless of anyone’s true beliefs outside of film they know that when they get to watch a psychological thriller there’s almost certainly going to be a Professional Psychic, a ghost or a troubled spirit, and a Psychic Medium Reading that occurs.

Take ‘The Gift’, a supernatural thriller which sees the main character, a Fortune Teller; get involved with a murder mystery after seeing visions of a missing girl killed. Her involvement and input leads to the killer and untangles a web of lies and deceit. Throughout the film you see the torment and frustration she experiences trying to unravel her visions into order and clarity. She is also faced with mixed attitudes within her community, with some members requesting personal fortune readings whilst others shout abuse and call her a ‘witch’.

In the hit film the ‘Sixth Sense’ you see a tormented child, Cole, troubled that he sees dead people, with an equally tormented child psychologist trying to help him. The line ‘I see dead people’ which is spoken by Cole to the psychologist has become as famous as the film itself, and I am sure that anyone who has seen the film can still remember the chill they got when it transpires that the psychologist is actually dead himself. Brrr.

I have named but two in a long line of supernatural, psychological horror films that prove that to this day the paranormal is still as fascinating and popular as it has ever been.