3 benefits of a facial

3 benefits of a facialIt’s important to care for your skin regularly and by having a facial you can improve the look, feel and health of your face in less than an hour. Here are just three of the many benefits those having a facial can experience, which may encourage you to treat yourself at Yorkshire’s Titanic Spa.

Healthier skin

Most people primarily book a facial as a refreshing treatment for the skin. Not only will a facial clean, scrub and moisturise your skin, but it will also encourage better blood circulation, rejuvenating your eyes and making your face look radiant and glowing.

A relaxing experience

Having a facial is the perfect opportunity to take some time out for yourself, and can be a wonderful way to de-stress. Most beauty therapists will play soothing music to help you unwind and may also use mineral products to help combat stress.

Improved confidence

Not only will you feel incredibly relaxed following a facial, but the improvement in your skin will give you a huge boost, meaning that you can leave the spa feeling revitalised and confident with your appearance.

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Michelle Keegan highly recommends Titanic Spa

Michelle Keegan has highly recommended Titanic SpaFormer Coronation Street star and TV personality Michelle Keegan recently highly recommended Titanic Spa via her official Twitter account.

Titanic Spa is a popular spa in Yorkshire and in September Michelle Keegan treated her celebrity partner Mark Wright to a luxurious and romantic day at the spa.

To show her appreciation, Michelle Keegan tweeted, “Had such a lovely day yesterday with @MarkWright_ at @TitanicSpa feel refreshed and relaxed. I highly recommend! Best Spa, & what a treat! X.”

Former The Only Way is Essex man and TV presenter Mark Wright, was also complimentary and tweeted, “My girl surprised me by taking me to a spa yesterday. #shestoogood #perfect @michkeegan.”

Perhaps the couple were relaxing ahead of a busy schedule as Michelle Keegan is currently filming for a new BBC One show called Ordinary Lies, and Mark Wright is rehearsing for the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show.

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Why you should go organic at the spa

Organic Spa Treatments‘Organic’ is a word that is instantly recognisable in this day and age, suggesting something that is fresh, healthy, superior and, above all, good for you. Going organic goes beyond the food we eat, with organic treatments now a popular addition to spa breaks in Yorkshire.

Why should I go organic at the spa?

  • All-natural ingredients

Many cheap beauty products are packed full of artificial chemicals. Our skin absorbs about 60 per cent of products used on it, which is why many avoid chemicals and turn to an organic spa treatment for pampering that is as good for you as it is indulgent.

  • Long-term natural beauty

Artificial chemicals may provide a quick fix, but they can damage the skin in the long term by causing skin irritation and sensitivity. It may take longer to see the benefits when using organic beauty treatments, but it should be treated like an investment in the future of your skin.

  • Sustainably-produced products

When you leave the spa not only will your skin feel great, but your conscience will too. Organic treatments are made from organic ingredients, which means that they are produced sustainably, using practices that have minimum impact on the environment.

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Pregnancy spa treatments

Pregnancy Spa Treatments

Pregnancy Spa Treatments

Is there any woman more in need of a little pampering and relaxation than an expectant mother to be? Pregnancy spa treatments are becoming ever more popular as ways for mums-to-be to relax and wind down, and gentle massages and treatments can help relieve the aches and discomforts that a new pregnancy brings to your body.

It is always recommended that you speak with your midwife or GP before using the spa facilities while pregnant.


Keen spa seekers may be aware that there are two types of pregnancy massage available at Titanic Spa in Yorkshire. Each of the treatments are bespoke and personally adapted to your individual needs and stage of your pregnancy.  Benefits of pregnancy massage include relief of tension or discomfort in your back and alleviation of swelling in your hands or feet. Pregnancy massage can also help to reduce the effect of stretch marks, reduce water retention and help with complexion problems.

Foot treatments

As any pregnant woman or spouse of a pregnant woman knows, the further your pregnancy develops, the harder it is to reach your feet. The Elemis ‘Sole Delight Grooming for Feet’ is one of the perfect pregnancy spa treatments offered to mums-to-be visiting Titanic Spa. This indulgent treatment is a total sensory experience for your feet using warm essential oils for extra rich hydration, a real treat if your bump is restricting access to that part of your body!

Alternative therapies

These therapies focus on rejuvenation and healing of the spirit. Titanic Spa offers Indian head massage for pregnant women; designed to alleviate stress, this treatment focuses on the scalp, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Another popular alternative therapy for pregnant women is Reflexology, which stimulates pressure points on the feet to rebalance the body’s system of energy.

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A few pointers on keeping your skin in tip top condition

As we get older, the last thing most of us want is for our skin to look tired and worn out. While a youthful complexion will offer you a range of benefits, the most important thing it will give you is confidence. Here are a few tips on making your skin look younger for less, because you can’t always treat yourself to the luxury experience of a spa in Yorkshire.

Firstly, you need to find a good cleanser, with cream cleansers offering the perfect remedy for dry skin while clear ones are excellent at removing an oily complexion. It is, however important not to cleanse too much, otherwise you could seriously risk damaging your skin complexion. Just by washing your face once at night to remove any make up or sun tan lotion is perfect; after all, it’s important to remove all of the toxins from your pores to maintain glowing skin condition.

The next is exfoliation, a step people too often completely skip from their schedule. To exfoliate your skin, simply add a tiny amount of cleanser onto a damp cloth, applying it to your skin in a circular motion. Another method is using a scrub, good at removing the top layer of skin cells which can dull your complexion. Using a light scrub once a week should be enough for visible results.

Finally it is important to moisturise, the ultimate warrior in the arduous battle against dry skin. It is a common belief that a decent moisturiser is worth the investment, the kind you would find on spa breaks. You should be able to tell how your skin feels to determine how much moisturiser you should be using. If it’s too little your skin will look sore, however too much and you may find your pores can get clogged.

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