Three treats for your feet

Even though our feet bear our weight all day, every day, they are often one of the least pampered parts of our bodies. It’s a good idea to treat your feet once in a while, so here are three treatments available at health spas in Yorkshire, which are great for giving them a little extra TLC.


This hour long treatment will be like heaven for your tired and weary feet as it includes cuticle care, hard skin removal, exfoliation and nail painting. Oils and creams are also used to massage the feet, which will help to improve circulation and stiff joints, while thermal booties soften the skin.


This long lasting nail polish can be applied to toe nails in a variety of colours and designs, perfect for when you need your feet to be sandal or flip flop ready. Applied like a nail varnish, shellac is then placed under a CV light, which ensures the hard and glossy finish.

Elemis Sole Delight for Feet

Using luxury Elemis products, renowned for their natural ingredients and cutting edge technology, your soles will be treated with warm aroma-therapeutic oils to replenish hard skin and neglected nails.

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Three beauty treatments from ancient traditions

ancient spa treatments in YorkshireThere are many cutting-edge and modern beauty treatments continually being added to the market, but why not try one of the tried and tested methods which have been practiced for thousands of years? Take a look at these three ancient treatments and treat yourself by visiting the Titanic Spa in Yorkshire.

Indian Head Massage

Unwind with this stress-releasing massage, which concentrates on the scalp. Pressure points in the face will be stimulated, while a range of movements will be applied to the neck and shoulders, including deep kneading.


This is a spiritual Japanese practice to restore balance in your life by promoting harmony and well-being. Reiki also uses a natural hands-on healing technique.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

Those suffering with conditions such as glue ear, hay fever or excessive earwax will benefit from this treatment, which aims to remove impurities from the ear. It is painless and soothing and is a natural alternative to syringing.

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Three Great Reasons to Visit a Spa

Three Great Reasons to Visit a Spa

Spa treatment has long been seen as a luxury treat and one that many people are hesitant to enjoy. The benefits, however, are numerous and a trip to the spa really is an excellent way to boost your everyday wellbeing. This article takes a look at a few of the great reasons to visit a spa to give you an overall idea of why a trip really does offer something for everyone. Continue reading

Experience a variety of Spa package treatments at a Yorkshire Spa

Spa Massage on bed

Anyone planning a relaxing break in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside shortly might like to add a therapeutic spa break into their itinerary as this could not only enhance a holiday, but also give an opportunity to feel completely revitalised after your holiday.

Currently, there are a variety of day spa centres available in the Yorkshire region, with some of them being placed within Yorkshire’s rural countryside, meaning you won’t have to venture into the nearest large town or city to find the tranquillity of a day spa. Continue reading

Top Three Weird Spa Treatments

For spa seekers there’s nothing better than booking up into a luxury retreat; to feel the natural soothe of heated stones, the sweet aroma scented candles and relaxing music courtesy of a pod of whales. While it might be relaxing for some people, others think that kind of therapy just isn’t enough. All over the world, people are coming up with weird and wonderful methods to help say goodbye to stress; here’s some of my favourites.

One of the latest therapy crazes is the carp pedicure. Apparently originally practiced in Turkey, people submerge their feet into a tank full of miniature carp to nibble away the dead skin deposits that have built up on your soles. As your feet become smoother, it’s believed to have the same effect on your mind and eventual outlook on life. The treatment is also now widely available to those on a spa break in the UK.

Another is the cactus massage, a favourite from therapists inMexico. This seems like an absolutely crazy idea but it’s completely pain free. The needles are removed from the leaves which are then heated in warm water, when warm they are split in half and pressed onto the patient’s skin. Cacti have soothing properties and are a close relative to the Aloe Vera plant. The juice squeezed from the leaves soaks into the skin, hydrating, detoxifying and helping to heal your skin from sunburn. Despite the positive reviews, I doubt it’s a method many will be trying at home.

Finally we have the 24-carat gold facial. Similarly seen as an act of evil by ‘Oddjob’ in the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’, the people of Santa Fe can pay up to $475 for someone to cover their face with a paste containing bits of gold. Other than making you look like a BAFTA, the treatment is reported to lift, tighten and lighten the colour of your skin. It’s also rumoured to decrease the effects of collagen depletion, which can lead to sagginess and age spots.