Visions of the Future

Although there are many different techniques talented Psychics and Clairvoyants use to look into the future, it doesn’t mean that future visions cannot occur to those with latent psychic powers. In fact there are two common psychic abilities that can occur in anyone with latent psychic power; these are known as Precognition and Premonition.

These abilities tend to be naturally occurring, in that in the untrained can experience them without needing any ability to manifest them, and provided glimpses into the future. Although the two powers are closely linked there is a fundamental difference between them.

Precognition more or less exists as dream visions, allowing you to visit the possible futures while sleeping. Although these visions can fade quickly once you wake up they can still leave deep impressions or feelings about future events, almost a sense of ‘knowing’ that something is about to happen.

Premonitions are often described as ‘gut feelings’ and give a sense of anxiety or potential of an up coming event. These are often described as waking visions and are often fairly short term, in that they predict events about to happen rather than events further off into the future.

As with any visions of the future much of the interpreting skill comes from experience. Getting access to a talented Psychic Medium can help you de-construct a dream and unlock its deeper meanings. Precognition and Premonition are powerful abilities for those with experience and can unlock a whole world of possibilities.

Psychic Weekend & Fayre

Attention please. Whatever you may have planned on the weekend of the 27th and 28th February, rearrange. If you have an interest in all things Psychic then you will not want to miss the Celebrity Psychic Weekend Fayre that will be taking place at the Riviera Centre on Chestnut Drive in Torquay.

You’ll have a great opportunity to attend a full program of talks and seminars which will cover all aspects of the paranormal, including healing and self development, by a panel of experts in the heart of the South West. There is also a unique chance to go ghost hunting at some of Devon’s most haunted sites. Along with featured appearances by Britain’s most popular television celebrity mediums, you could get to meet your guardian angel, discover who you used to be, get a chance to see your aura and mix with like minded folk. Top Psychic Mediums will be there to give you a detailed Tarot Reading , along with Clairvoyants, Reiki Healers and Spiritual Healers.

As well as the talks and readings there will be crystals, tarot books, gems, unique crystal hand made jewelry along with feng shui and Chinese astrology. People will be travelling far and wide to attend this event; the area has a rich tradition of myths and ghosts and this event is a great opportunity for people to revel in the spiritual world for a whole weekend.

Tickets for the weekend event can be purchased by Majestic Tours and Ghost Hunting trips start from just £10 per person.